What comes into our minds when we think about God?

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” ― A.W. Tozer The Knowledge of the Holy

A journal entry by Randy Martin

I usually react negatively to these “most important” quotes but this one caught my eye and heart. It begs this question for me; “What do I think about God each day I awake”. And this eventually leads to my final question, “How do I live each day with what I think about God each morning?” I’m thinking about the names of God: Father, Provider, Holy One, Savior…. you know the list. But let me first speak about this in a personal analogy.

My wife is a great cook. She can cook anything and, for me, her soups are the best. I like to watch her tweak the taste of her soup with a little more of this or that spice or adding a bit more cream. The outcome is always amazing!

So each morning I can think, “My wife is a great cook”. This is a little information about her that I store in my head. Maybe one day at work when she calls and says that she’s fixing a steak with succotash I dream of the taste of a juicy, well seasoned steak and buttery succotash in my mouth. These first two “thinkings” are just about me with no benefit to my wife or others. I’m stagnate in a self-centered thinking. I need to move on… both to my wife and others.

So now I have some new ideas. Maybe I should:

  • Thank her for that special dinner she just made, maybe even thank her every time she cooks.
  • Tell her she is a great cook even when she’s nowhere near the kitchen.
  • Tell others she is a great cook. Share her cooking with them.   Invite them to our home to taste and see that her cooking is good!

And so it is with God. This morning I think of God as my Provider. Do I stop at just knowing, enjoying and experiencing that? No, I must respond to Him with gratitude and praise — even when His provision is not in sight. Tell Him and tell others.

At the Meadow, we want you to experience God fully in all of his names. Pick one name for God that touches your heart and praise and pass on that name today.