Called To Greatness

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Becoming the person God created you to be!

It is about time! It is time for you to step up to all God has called and equipped you to be and do!   How long have you been ready to move your life to a deeper level and fulfill your purpose?

Explore where your effectiveness can be fulfilled!
And most importantly,  how to create time to hear from your heart, where God wants your giftedness,
to meet the needs of the world.

God has created each one of us with a set of gifts and abilities to join Him to grow His Kingdom on Earth.  Many of us are not meeting this great opportunity because we have no idea what our calling and giftedness are.

The course will use two very powerful giftedness tools; The Enneagram and Effectiveness Profile.  The Enneagram is one of the fastest growing tests both Spiritually and Vocationally all across the country.  The Effectiveness Profile will empower you to see where God has given you abilities to make a difference in the workplace for your Kingdom.   It will help you know what you are good at doing and what you enjoy (the essence of your giftedness).  And practically it will help you see where your frustration is with your present job.


Come to The Meadow; a place to experience the fullness of God’s love.