Enneagram Workshops


We are all driven by a deep inner restlessness- experienced as a sense that something is missing in us, although it is difficult to define exactly what it is.  What our hearts truly yearn for is to know who we are and why we are here. What if there were a system that could enable us to have more insight into ourselves and others?  What if it could help us discern our strengths and weaknesses; what if this system not only showed us our core issues but also ways of dealing with them.  What if this system helped to define our false selves and helped us learn to awaken to the essence of who God made us to be- our true selves- inherited as our divine DNA.   Come join us as we discover the spiritual roadmap of the Enneagram.  This is an invaluable tool in helping to explore these questions more deeply.

4 Wednesday Evening Classes
September 19, 26 & October 3, 10, 2018
Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, MD
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Room 170
COST $50


Richard Rohr reminds us in his book Immortal Diamond- “Your soul is who you are in God and who God is in you.” The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual tool that invites us to remember who we are, why we are here- what our purpose is in reflecting the soul of God through our very own beloved soul.
Come join us as we explore the many facets of the Enneagram as a spiritual roadmap and tool.  Each month we explore a different Enneagram topic through dialogue, small group discussions as well as one on one experiences that facilitate deeper awareness and growth in the transformational process.  Moving Around the Enneagram- WIngs/Integration/Disintegration of your Core Type – Stressed out and Living Free.

Topics Include . . .

Levels of Development- Awareness of our Healthy/Average/Unhealthy Ranges of Growth and Liberation within our Type
The Three Centers of The Enneagram- Moving/Feeling/Thinking: Transforming Anger/ Shame/ Fear to Faith/ Hope/ Love
Basic Fears and Basic Desires of Each Type- Motivations and Distortions
Social and Coping Styles of Each Type- Getting our Primary needs Met
The Child Within- Understanding the Impact of our Childhood on our Enneagram Journeys
Passions and Virtues- Our Truest Self meets the False Self
Enneagram Types- How to Get Along with Me- how we click an clack with others


1st Monday of the Month
Nov. 5, Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar. 4, Apr. 1, May 6
Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, MD
7:00 – 9:00 PM
COST $75
Registration fee includes ALL 7 classes

Beverly Gorman  at bevgorm@gmail.com

If you are interested in bringing any of our programs to your small groups, churches, or conferences, please email Bob Arnold at bob@meadow4.org for course curriculum and dates

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