Prayer Retreat

May 5, 2018

Beachmont Christian Camp – Kingsville, MD
9 AM – Noon

COST: $30

 Prayer is one of the most intimate things we can experience in our Christian lives, yet most of us find it challenging to take time for or even question, why is it so important? After all, how do we have a conversation with an unseen, infinite, omnificent being?  We live in a world that doesn’t express the need nor the time to be still and enjoy this most intimate time with the Savior.

If you want your prayer to be more than a list and a quick word on the side, The Meadow’s Prayer Retreat will help you change the myths and misconceptions of how we pray, why we pray, when we pray, and the power of prayer.  It’s a place to have your heart opened to the desires of God’s heart. It is a place of rest, comfort and challenge.  It’s what we do when we become honest with ourselves, sit still and listen to the one small voice that longs to hear the heart of His children! It encompasses silence, honesty and confession that leads to a greater intimacy.  He does listen and He does speak, but He desires you to enter into His presence.




Prayer: A Conversation Between Friends
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