Dark Nights Provide Opportunities for Growth

“The great nineteenth century preacher Charles Spurgeon suffered from acute depression. Often he was bedridden and unable to preach, sometimes as much as twice a month. Nowadays, we may have little compassion for a pastor who battled such frequent and debilitating bouts of depression. However, Jesus invites the “weary and heavy laden” to find rest in him.
Today, these emotional struggles find psychological validation, and we ought to avail ourselves of therapy, exercise, support groups, and medication when we need it. There is no shame in finding help in any of these things.
But also consider this moment to be an opportunity to see what Jesus may be up to in your life, or in the lives of those you counsel. What you might find is that you’re being invited into the glorious purging of the dark night, where the old self and its old loves are shed and replaced by a new and deeper love for Jesus, for others, and even for you—a beloved son or daughter of a heavenly Father who longs to see you whole.”

written by Chuck DeGroat