End of the year Letter

The mystery of the Incarnation is unfathomable. The incomparable Christ existed before man.  Yet what we see in the manager is the human face of God. God took on flesh to show us what God was like.
He came as a man, yet was fully God and by example, helped us understand what Love  truly is. His ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross was not just an act to reconcile us to the Father, but it was also His greatest gift of Love.  The Christmas story continues to be written in all of us and it isn’t just one day a year.

Through His Son,  He came with great desires for us to become like Him!

  • He Forgives us

  • He Cleanses us

  • He Enriches us

  • He Enlightens us

  • He makes us Beautiful


    As the year comes to an end we want to take the time to sincerely thank everyone who has partnered with us as we continue building a community centered around growing in Christ.  If you have the desire to partner with us by joining our SEEDS community or with a financial gift, Please give me a call to find out more.  I’d love to hear your stories of how God is moving in your life.  In Christian community we can become more like Him and continue to heal the broken-hearted by sharing the greatest gift of all . . . Christ’s LOVE!

We thank God for you and wish you a Very Merry Christmas!
Bob & Jeanne Arnold

P.S, The Meadow has graciously been given a $30,000 matching gift.  All gifts through 2018 will be matched up to $30,000.  This means The Meadow could be blessed to start the new year with $60,000!  Please consider supporting this campaign!  Your gift supports our efforts to continue to grow this community and spread His love to a world that deeply needs Christ’s compassion, and hope!  Thanks again and remember to let the “Son” shine in your life today and always!