What is The Meadow Ministry?

The Meadow is a para-church non-profit organization that began in 2013. We work in partnership with churches and other Christian organizations dealing with Christian principals of Spiritual Formation in a topical format. We have a special partnership with Grace Fellowship Church as they allow us to use the facility and work with us to promote and provide additional resources for our programs.

Who started The Meadow?

Bob Arnold and his wife Jeanne began The Meadow in 2013.
check out about bob page.

What is the mission of The Meadow?

The Meadow has developed a curriculum-based program called the Spiritual Development Forum. The SDF deals with topics crucial to growing in Christ through the use of different mediums, such as teaching, small group activities, media arts, drama, special one day programs, retreats, guest speakers, experiential workshops, and mentorships. Our main goal is to allow participants to expand their views of God and experience His love and beauty. In a world where self-doubt, sorrow, and confusion run rampant, The Meadow helps us explore and answer a litany of questions.

Do you want to experience God’s freedom, abundance, goodness and joy? Do you want to know how much you are loved by God? Do you want to love God, and to love others? Do you want to become the person God created you to be? Do you want live a life of assurance in God’s promises? Is your God too small?

These are just a few of the questions we help individuals explore and think about in different ways.

What are some of the programs The Meadow provides?

The Meadow is currently working on several New & Exciting workshops.  They will be announced through our Social Media, website, and emails.
check out our Events Page

What are the future plans for The Meadow?

We are continually creating new and exciting curriculum with topics relevant to our culture for individual to experience their own personal spiritual awakening. We produce a Summer Podcast Series called Podcast on the Porch while we prepare for the upcoming workshop and retreat season. Registrations and dates will be emailed and posted on our website every August for the upcoming season!

How can I learn more about The Meadow?

We are committed to individual one-on-one mentorships and would love to talk to you.   You can email us at themeadow@meadow4.org or call us at (443)425-4729. All contact info is also on our website: www.meadow4.org/contact-us
We are also always expanding our “social” presence through the use of the internet and social media. We use: Facebook,  Podcasts & our own YouTube Channel as well as  active Email Communications!

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Come to The Meadow; a place to experience the fullness of God’s love.