Welcome to The Meadow

The Meadow is a place and a community of people who desire to embrace and reflect the extravagant love of God!

  Do you want to know God’s love  with NO limits?
Do you REALLY know how much you are loved by God?
Do you want to love God and love others with a greater and fuller desire?

Come to The Meadow! It is  a place of growth and healing.
A place that is welcoming and inspiring and a place to find
 your personal spiritual awakening!  Here you can experience how God’s love can have a deep impact on your soul by immersing yourself in  a community that uses teaching, mentoring, workshops, creative experiences, small group activities, drama, media arts, music, retreats and much more!


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Topical discussions with Bob Arnold & Friends

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Called to Greatness Workshops


Classes offered by Bev Gorman


2018 Prayer Retreat at Beachmont in Kingsville, MD



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1933 Shanklin Ave • Parkville, MD 21234
(443) 425-4729 • themeadow@meadow4.org


The Meadow is your path into experiencing the fullness of God’s love.